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Quality and Passion.
That's our Blend.

Master Blender


Still Austin proudly blends all of its products exclusively from our own whiskey stocks, ensuring a consistent and unparalleled taste with every sip. By controlling every step of the process, from grain to glass, Still Austin Whiskey Co. maintains the integrity of its signature flavors, embodying a tradition of excellence that has endured for generations. With each bottle, enthusiasts savor not just a drink, but a legacy of unparalleled expertise and passion for the Art of Texas Whiskey.

The World's Most
Awarded Spirits Blender

Nancy Fraley's resume and accomplishments are staggering. We are honored to have Nancy as our Master Blender as she has been responsible for creating all of our beloved whiskey blends since the launch of our flagship bourbon, The Musician in 2020.

Nancy studied under other Master Spirits Blenders in the Cognac & Armagnac regions of France and gained notoriety for bringing the ancient spirit making technique of Slow Water Reduction to the whiskey world.

Additionally, Nancy is credited for the invention of The Craft Whiskey Aroma Wheel which helps classify and standardize whiskey aromas from an objective standpoint. Her palate is so sensitive, she is affectionately known in some circles as Nancy “The Nose” Fraley for her ability to identify an amazing amount of information about a whiskey just from smell alone.

The Proof is in the Process

Nancy’s process begins by going over dozens of samples whiskey, each pulled from single barrel barrel. She will thoroughly examine and meticulously study the color, aroma, and flavor of each sample and assemble them into one of three lots; Lots A, B, & C.

Nancy then blends small amounts of each lot together in a graduated cylinder to develop a ‘prototype’ of her her final blend. Nancy’s nose and palate are finely-tuned sensory instruments. After many years, she is capable of detecting not just faults and merits, but also detecting certain aromas and flavors that could help her deduce where a spirit was aged within the rick house.  Nancy describes her blending process as “…building a pyramid.” and notes that each lot makes up an important part.

Lot A barrels will form the base of the pyramid. The barrels chosen for lot A are typically sweet and approachable, featuring prominent vanilla and caramel notes. These note, while not the most complex, will act as backdrop for which she will build the character of her blend. These are the barrels that make up the majority of the blend.

Lot B barrels offer a bit more complexity, slightly more intense aromas, and stronger flavors. The barrels in this lot are the barrels Nancy will choose to amplify the spice character of the blend. She seeks out barrels that exhibit more spice and ‘’dark notes… like date, figs, and raisin”, according to Nancy.

Lot C barrels are barrel that contain highly aromatic and intense whiskeys. These whiskeys may even be too overwhelming for single barrel releases, yet still exhibit exceptional qualities. Nancy will use these barrels to add the final bit nuance to each blend. Lot C barrels are so complex and concentrated, that only between 1 and 5 are used in a blend of 40 barrels.

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