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Texas vs. Everybody

At Still Austin Whiskey Co. we make our whiskey ourselves, from grain all the way to glass in our world-class whiskey distillery right in the heart of Austin, Texas. This painstaking labor of love might not be the easiest way to make whiskey, but it’s the best way to ensure that each bottle we produce lives up to the quality and taste you deserve.We only use 100% Texas grains in our whiskeys because grains grown in Texas are of the highest quality and flavor found anywhere. More importantly, we make whiskey to tell the story of who we are, and we believe that this Texas story deserves to be told. Said best by our Master Blender, Nancy Fraley, “If every ingredient comes from the region, and if the maker’s passion is quality - then it will absolutely have a taste-of-place. But it will have more than that: It will give a sense of who you are, as people.”

Cultivating Beauty

100% of our grains are grown in Texas by Texas farmers. No grain from any other state or country is ever used in our whiskeys. Our primary grains: white corn, brasetto rye, and wildfire malted barley, are grown throughout North and West Texas, mostly from Lonestar Family Farms. Lonestar is a third generation Texas family farm, focused on conservation, organic growing, and family-oriented business practices. These farmers are setting the bar for family-owned agriculture. While many distilleries use commodity grains like yellow dent corn or Canadian winter wheat, Still Austin uses only Texas-grown grains from these farms, which are often organic and always non-GMO.

Taming the Wild Texas Weather

After the whiskey is barreled, we activate our secret weapon, the wild Texas weather. Anyone who’s spent time in Texas knows that our weather swings are that of legend (our record is 56 degrees in 24 hours). As the old saying here goes, “If you don’t like our weather, wait a minute.” With these rapid temperature changes, our whiskey expands and contracts in our barrels at much higher rates than in other climates. It is because of these erratic climate swings that our whiskeys are able to take on so many complex flavors and characteristics so much quicker than anywhere else.

Award Winning Rye Whiskey

Not only is Still Austin the leading purchaser of rye grains in the state of Texas, but our commitment to crafting exceptional spirits has garnered us acclaim in the form of prestigious awards. Still Austin proudly boasts an impressive collection of double-gold winning whiskeys, a testament to the expertise and dedication of our master distillers.

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